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Stomp the Bullying! No one deserves to feel worthless.

Stomp the Bullying

1.6 million children in grades 6-10 in the United States are bullied at least once a week. Enough is enough, see how you can help!

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Guardian Angels Patrol Palm Hill

The guardian angels patrolled Palm Hill Condos in West Palm Beach, FL today, the same area plauged by 4 shootings in the last year. The Angels went door to door asking people to voice their opinions on the security of their neighborhood. The results where not good.

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10 Tips To Help Parents Prevent Cyber Bullying

Due to the increase in cases of Cyber Bullying has just released a free prevention resource for parents. In the month of July Remove It says that they will make every attempt to increase awareness of the damage caused by cyber bully attacks.

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10 Actions ALL Parents Can Take to Help Eliminate Bullying

The latest research shows that more than half of all children are, at least on occasion, directly involved in bullying as a perpetrator, victim, or both. And many of those who are not directly involved witness others being bullied on a regular basis.

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Bullying Talking Jar

What is a Bullying Talking Jar? Ask Mom, Jeanne Dexter, who with her partner Paul Schweinler (LMHC) (NCC) (DAPA), a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress,

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How Widespread is Bullying?

  Bullying is a problem that affects ALL of our children - those who bully, those who are victimized, and those who are witnesses to interpersonal violence.

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Palm Beach County reports most school bullying incidents.

The Palm Beach County School District reported thousands more incidents of bullying and harassment of students between 2007 and 2010 than any other school district in Florida.

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